Alan Strasser, Strasser Law Firm PLLC

White Collar Defense

I represent individuals and organizations under investigation in white collar criminal matters, whether the investigators are federal or state prosecutors, federal or state law enforcement, Congressional Committees, or other regulators. I represent individuals and organizations sued or charged under the False Claims Act. I conduct internal investigations in a wide variety of organizations, from government agencies to law firms, and I represent witnesses during such investigations. Read more »

Employment Law

I represent employees and employers in their disputes with each other and investigations by outside regulators and parties, whether those disputes lead to litigation or resolution through alternative dispute mechanism such as mediation and arbitration. I represent employees and employer in negotiations over the creation of employment relationships and in the termination of employment relationships, including severance and release agreements. Read more »

Lawyers and Lobbyists

I represent lawyers and lobbyists and their employing firms in disputes with each other and disputes with their clients and regulators. I advise lawyers and law firms on legal ethics, including conflicts of interest, and the ethics of lawyer’s departures from or arrivals to law firms. I defend lawyers in disciplinary matters and cases alleging legal malpractice. I advise lobbyists on proper filings under the Lobbying Disclosure Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Read more »