Lawyers and Lobbyists Representation


I have defended law firms in federal and state court cases involving allegations of malpractice, prevailing in the trial court and on appeal. I also have advised other clients on potential claims of malpractice against prominent law firms. I have litigated motions to disqualify counsel and other ethical issues in the federal and state courts. I have addressed ethical issues such as dual representation, conflicts of interest, good faith presentation of evidence in court, and others in criminal cases.

I have represented lawyers subpoenaed to testify before federal grand juries and advised law firms on responding to criminal subpoenas. I have conducted internal investigations at law firms to address a variety of issues.

I served as the General Counsel of Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, & Untereiner LLP from 2015 to 2021 and advised on a wide variety of issues under the ethics rules of the District of Columbia, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Delaware, and other jurisdictions. Some of these issues arose in cases that the firm was handling and included issues of attorney-client privilege, ethical obligations in litigation, and disqualification. Some issues arose internally at the firm. I prepared updates for the firm on certain ethical issues as they arose.

I served as the Chair of a Hearing Committee for the D.C. Bar disciplinary system for six years, where I conducted hearings on allegations by Bar Counsel (now the Office of Disciplinary Counsel) on violations of the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct. As the chair, I wrote or co-wrote opinions on approximately a dozen cases. I was appointed a Special Bar Counsel to review allegations made about the conduct of a lawyer when the Office of Bar Counsel recused itself from consideration of the allegation.

I will teach Professional Responsibility at Georgetown Law Center in the fall of 2022.


I have advised a variety of organizations about their obligations under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the Lobbying Disclosure Act, ethics-in-government laws, and other relevant statutes and regulations.

I have represented lobbyists and lobbying firms in disputes over compensation, non-compete clauses, compliance with the District of Columbia Wage Payment Act, and other matters.

Representative matters

  • Represented AMLaw 100 firm in malpractice suit seeking $100 Million in damages; prevailed on summary judgment and decision upheld on appeal
  • Represented IP law firm in malpractice litigation over UCC issue; case settled
  • Represented AMLaw 25 firm during adversary proceedings in bankruptcy alleging conflicts of interest by firm; case settled on favorable terms
  • Represented mid-size law firm and two of its partners in responding to federal grand jury subpoenas and testimony before grand jury
  • Represented AmLaw 25 firm on responding to grand jury subpoena
  • Represented lawyer challenging restrictions in partnership agreement from prior firm that purported to limit his post-departure practice; case settled on favorable terms
  • Represented AUSA in internal ethics investigation
  • Represented lobbyist in lawsuit against prior firm over unpaid compensation; lobbyist recovered all unpaid compensation
  • Defended lobbying firm in lawsuit brought by former employee seeking allegedly unpaid compensation; suit dismissed with no recovery
  • Represented departing lobbyist in defending against TRO to prevent his joining new firm; TRO denied, and case settled for a modest sum
  • Represented lobbyist in leaving lobbying firms that had failed to pay compensation owed or otherwise failed to provide promised support; disputes settled on favorable terms
  • Represented lobbying firm in novel lawsuit against accounting firm for luring away lobbying employee while serving as accountant to firm; prevailed in jury trial